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I recently got engaged this past year and was looking for the next thing to check off my ever growing list of ‘wedding to-do list’! My fiance and I were commuting home one day and in the midst of missing the green light, I looked to my left and realized, “OMG, there’s a random bridal store that just opened up!” Of course, with my intuition and superstition, I screamed out,  “THIS IS DEFINITELY A SIGN, I must go here to try on my wedding dress!” I quickly rushed into my home and googled the store — they recently had their grand opening! I quickly made my appointment via email and was confirmed almost instantly.

On the day of the wedding dress fitting, I walked on over with my maid of honor, my dearest sister, and was greeted with the biggest smile and welcome — great start! We were told to go ahead and browse and pick out what I liked — no pressure! As we were picking out a few dresses that I wanted to try on, Amy asked if we wanted champagne, well yeah! Of course! This definitely brighten our already optimistic mood 🙂 Amy also gave us some feedback and suggestion on a few gowns I would have never thought about trying on, she’s great! Before heading to the fitting room, Zoya came down and introduced herself to us! The fitting was great, Amy provided shoes for me to use to try on with my dress, it was perfect. I tried on a few Suzanne Neville and one Ian Stuart dress, they were all stunning! There’s a video online that shows Zoya handpicking the dresses in London herself! I could go on with how spectacular my time here was at Zoya Atelier, but you will have to come in for yourself. Go ahead, call or email for appointment and enjoy!

Kim T

I have no hesitation in recommending Zoya Bitici most highly for any who wishes to look elegant and feel their best no matter whether the occasion is formal or informal.  Zoya is the first salesperson I met in 25 years of shopping at the best Nordstrom Departments who cared deeply that the customer left the store delighted about their purchase and looking forward to the next occasion when they would wear it.

Zoya is the first salesperson I met in any DC area store who had impeccable credentials in tailoring and clothes design. I am a professional working for the Federal government, in particular I spent one year In Congress as a Brookings Fellow.  Dressing well for all occasions is exceedingly important.  Zoya improved my entire wardrobe from a closet of typical suits/skirts and dresses to a number of colorful, exciting pieces that were highly coordinated and prepared me well for every occasion.  She educated me on how to look my very best at all times and to be comfortable. She helped me with every aspect of dressing well to look attractive not only clothes but makeup, purses and shoes highlighting the best of all my features. I was amazed at the compliments I received. People would ask where I purchased the clothes. I would answer Nordstrom but I knew if they went to Nordstrom they would not find what I had.  In between my weekly visits to the store over the 6 months that Zoya transformed my wardrobe and me she would spend her own time searching  every Nordstrom website seeking pieces to suit me.  Quality was always what she was after the clothes did not have to be expensive.  We had so much fun while I tried everything on.  If I decided to buy something she would ask “Do you love it?” Unless I said “Yes!” she would suggest I not buy it.  By the time she left Nordstrom I had a wardrobe which prepared me for every occasion.

I have not returned to Nordstrom since she left because there is no one to match her experience and expertise.  I miss her tremendously and every time I wear a piece I remember Zoya and the good times we had together and how fortunate I am that I met her. I look forward to visiting her Atelier she is now the only person I trust to dress me.

Joyce E

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